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Welcome to the Badge Shop™

This is a United Kingdom website priced in GB Pounds. If you are visiting from anywhere
else in the world,  I'm very sorry but I only ship to UK and Republic of Ireland addresses.
Irish visitors should also be aware that there is a supplementary charge of GBP £2.25 for
shipping to the Republic of Ireland by Royal Mail airmail because the surface mail service
has now been discontinued. (Click here for more Information about any other countries).


Due to a large backlog of recent orders and difficulties
with printing equipment the online order service is
currently suspended. In the meantime please use the
mail order service. Thank you.

Getting Started on the Website is the name of the website but the URL is masked for security reasons. To avoid any possible delay in future please bookmark this page (add it to your favourites) on your first visit.

If you prefer you can put a shortcut to the website on your desktop. Look in the browser address bar at the top of this window and drag the little Badge Shop icon onto your desktop. You can simply click on it to quickly open the website next time you want to visit.

You can get to any page on the website from the main menu on the left-side blue panel. Each of the dark blue buttons will take you directly to the selected page, or show you a sub-menu of pages available.

Viewing the Badges
Click on the 'Badge Gallery' button in the main menu and select 'view all badges' from the sub-menu. Thumbnail pictures of the patterns are displayed in alphabetical order. Click on a thumbnail to see the details in a new window or tab. Each of these badge detail pages includes a large picture of the pattern, information about the design, colours, etc., and the order form. I haven't finished writing all the descriptions yet, but you can view the large pictures or place orders.

Searching for badges
Search the gallery by design name or keyword for a selection matching your query. For example you could search for A&E, animal, baby, cartoon, children, christmas, disney, doctor, easter, film, football, hospital, little miss, maternity, midwife, minnie, nicu, nurse, nursery, nursing, paediatric, pre school, pooh, tinkerbell, TV, winnie, zebra  and so on. There is a search button on every page of the gallery.

Searching for information
The main menu 'Search the Site' button will find information pages only. Use the 'Searching for badges' methods described above to find badge designs.

Pass it on!
The only way people can find out about the Badge Shop is if they were a Badges4You customer, by following a series of links from search engine results, or best of all - if you tell them about it. So by all means - and with my grateful thanks - pass on the URL of the site to people you know. You could do that by:

       putting a link on a personal blog.
       mentioning it on a social networking or community website.
       writing about the badges to a professional association or trade
          union journal.
       emailing the website address (URL) or passing it on by word of
          mouth or on a scrap of paper to friends and colleagues.
       and especially by showing the label on the back of your badge to
          anyone who asks “where did you get your badge?” because that
          probably means they  would like to have one too!

I hope you can find something you like but if not simply
visit the custom badges page and e-mail me an enquiry.
I will see what I can do about a custom badge design
just for you and promptly respond to your message.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon!